Aircraft External Washing

Washing the exterior of your aircraft is important to ensure that grease, grime, dirt, and oils don’t become permanent residents on your aircraft.
To remove these unwanted contaminants, only OEM approved chemicals and techniques are used to ensure that every surface of your aircraft’s exterior is left clean and spotless.
Extra attention is also given to exhaust trails and under-wing sections to ensure that any build ups are removed before they have a chance to damage your aircraft’s paint.
LGS Handling proudly offers the Wet wash as the standard at Larnaca Airport, for executive and commercial jets.



Interior Aircraft Cleaning

LGS Handling can improve the appearance of your aircraft’s interior while following the aircrafts’ particular requirements.
All of our services provided are designed to meet OEM requirements.
Following services can be provided :

•   Interior Cleaning and Detailing

•   Anti-Microbial protection

•   Carpet Cleaning

•   Leather Cleaning and Recondition

•   Lavatory Cleaning



Our Aircraft Washing Systems deliver a touch less foam application which speedily and effectively dissolves dirt and grime on any Aircraft surface.
Our Deployable Aircraft Washing Equipment provides the perfect solution while meeting all requirements of Larnaca Int Airport.
The System is equipped with fast road tow trailer, level gantry platform, high and low pressure applications with a foam applicator selector valve.
Our water pressure washer  is one of the best of its kind.

Maintenance Services/Tasks